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Summer 2013:
Alexander Technique and walking in the Courel, Galicia


The course will be a mixture of Alexander work and walking in one of the least known but very beautiful parts of Spain, the Courel/Caurel.
In the normal  day there will be group work in the AT, an individual lesson and a guided walk through the mountains that surround the venue, a small village, A Seara.
The mountains have wild boar, deer and wolves were re-introduced a few years ago much to the disgust of the local shepherd. The village is at 1000m and the highest nearby peak is at 1654m. The walking will be led by Roi who has known the area since he was a child. If people are interested, we can visit the old Roman gold mine of Las Medulas. This was worked by them for 200 years and is a World Heritage site.
The intention is to make the course as responsive as possible to the needs of the people attending so there will be a variety of possible walks of different levels of difficulty as well as sampling the local culture.


Just in case you have the image of Spain as nothing but sun it is as well to remember that Galicia is on the Atlantic and so gets plenty of rain. The summer is generally fine (about 25 to 30ºC) and the Caurel being further inland will generally escape any rain that is falling near the coast. The advantage is that the evenings and nights are cool, not surprising at 1000m!

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The course will start in Seara on Sunday 14th July and finish Saturday morning 20th July.

How to get there

There are flights to Santiago de Compostela and to Coruña from many parts of Europe. More details will be given to those interested.


495€ plus accommodation cost. (See below)
This price includes breakfast, packed lunch and evening meal.


There are three options and a possibility
  1. The hostal of the mountaineering federation. This is a modern purpose built building with showers etc but sleeping in large shared bunks. Sleeping bags needed. 50€ for the week
  2. Inn has 3 double rooms with shared bathroom and toilet 120€ for the week
  3. Inn has 3 double rooms en suite 210€ for the week
  4. Other accommodation may become available at around 150€ for the weekWe are working on it.


The course will be run by Don Kirkley, Roi Estévez and Simon Fitzgibbon.

Don Kirkley
Don obtained his teaching membership of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique in 1986 after training with Walter and Dilys Carrington.
Since his graduation, he has taught the Technique in both England and Spain. Mostly in individual lessons but also numerous introductory courses for small groups.
He lives and teaches in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, NW Spain.

Roi Estévez
Roi studied in several different european universities to obtain his qualification as a Forestry Engineer. He then spent 6 years working and studying in various remote parts of the world and then decided to return to his roots in the mountains of the Caurel, the village of Vieiros, close to A Seara.From Vieiros he runs courses and workshops on the local heritage of a very historic part of Galicia.  He continues with his lifelong interest and practice of mountaineering and will be leading the various excursions planned for this course as well as other activities

Simon Fitzgibbon
Simon trained  with Christine Ackers in his native Australia qualifying as a teacher of the Alexander Technique in 1993. He completed a post-grad year with Walter and Dilys Carrington in 1995 and has lived in Spain since 1996. He opened a training school in Madrid in 2008 which is recognised by APTAE, the STAT affiliated association of teachers in Spain.

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