Alexander Technique Refresher Course

For Teachers and Students alike - Galicia, Spain

6 nights, Saturday 28th September – Friday 3rd October

From 640 euros per person all inclusive, meals and accommodation

Course Outline: the purpose of this course is...

The course is suitable for a wide range of experience, or none, of the Alexander Technique and will also introduce you to a beautiful, historic and less visited part of Spain.  Beginners will be introduced to the basic principles and teachers of the technique will be refreshed.

Every person will receive an individual lesson each day as well as the group work.

Groups and individual lessons will be led by Xavier Ortiz and Donald Kirkley –in groups they will explore the ideas and applications of the technique by using games and manoeuvres and individual lessons will be very individual.

The Alexander Technique is...

a gentle hands-on teaching that increases our conscious awareness of how we use ourselves,mentally and physically. By recognising our habits, established over many years, the work helps us to recover our natural poise and well-being.

The Alexander Technique is helpful for back pain, RSI, neck & shoulder tensions and poor posture. Musicians, dancers and actors often have it incorporated in their training courses as it helps in the pursuit of excellence in performance.

An excellent introductory text  on the Alexander Technique is “Body Learning” by Michael Gelb. well worth reading before you come on the course.


Xavier Ortiz was born in Barcelona in 1960. He is an actor and teacher of the Alexander Technique.

He graduated from the  “The Constructive Teaching Centre, London” in 1996. Since then he has given workshops and conferences in countless places, universities, music schools, businesses, health centres etc. throughout Spain. In England, Ireland, Switzerland and Germany workshops for teachers have been given in various conferences of the AT.
In addition to  many TV and radio interviews he has written lots of articles on the Technique .

At present he offers individual classes in the  Centre d’Anàlisi Psico-Corporal de Barcelona, as well as his artistic work.

Donald Kirkley obtained his teaching membership of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique in 1986 after a three year full-time course at the Constructive Teaching Centre in London. One of the two directors was Walter Carrington who was trained in the thirties by F M Alexander himself.

Since his graduation, he has taught the Technique in both England and Spain. Mostly in individual lessons but also numerous introductory courses for small groups.

He lives in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, NW Spain and teaches there and Coruña as well as running introductory courses.